INTERGIFT - Intergift, Bisutex, Madridjoya and MOMAD open the IFEMA MADRID season with the great lifestyle week

2nd October 2023
INTERGIFT - Intergift, Bisutex, Madridjoya and MOMAD open the IFEMA MADRID  season with the great lifestyle week

This new edition had 1,500 participating companies and brands from 21 countries, configuring the largest business and trends meeting in the Iberian Peninsula in the decoration, gift, costume jewelry, accessories, jewelry, fashion, footwear and accessories sectors.


One of the relevant points in this edition is the marked international presence with representation of 21 countries from all over the world such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, USA, Spain, France, Greece, India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Turkey giving access to generate new international business avenues.


Decoration trends: simplicity in timeless spaces

Intergift had been, for the entire professional sector, a unique place for discovering new trends in interior decoration. Looking ahead to next season, the new products are focused on natural elements, earthy colors and the reuse of materials to take advantage of their second life.


In it, textures are intermixed creating cozy environments that generate functional and comfortable environments. All this, hand in hand with sustainability in all the products that make up the decorative elements, and the use of all resources so that they are durable and respectful of the environment.


The practicality of the spaces is also a key. Extending the durability of all materials and their reuse to create environments where the modern plays with the aged on the different surfaces. With the entry of technology into the home, home automation elements are found alongside those classics and artisans.


As for next season’s shades, earth tones will continue to be a trend. These, along with the coexistence of nature and its color palette, accompany the relaxed and warm tones, generating environments that enhance creativity and generate vitality, providing an extra something to each decorative space. In addition to seeing how the industrial continues to play with the traditional, taking advantage of the second life of many materials to renew many environments.


Gift trends: technology is now a must

The other offer area of the fair, Gift, brought together all the new proposals for gadgets, gifts and items that will be on the market next season. The keys are the personalization of gifts and items. End consumers seek to find products that reflect their style and personality, with customized products with 3D prints. Likewise, wearable technology, with gadgets and technological devices, continues to be a trend in 2023. From smart watches to advanced wireless headphones, all of them with versatility and functionality. In the field of gifting, sustainability is not left behind either. Environmentally friendly options are sought environment, made with recycled or biodegradable materials. Finally, minimalism continues to set style in 2023 and gifts with clean lines, neutral colors and quality materials are increasingly popular, always looking for an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

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